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We have made an interesting feature film about Gandhi in the contemporary world in Hindi, which is totally different and positive and out of the box story. Incidents about Gandhi’s patriotism and his simple and revolutionary life of hard hitting facts with a little bit of fantasy and a stunning imagination.

We are called as Ramana Communications and we make only films about great leaders like Kamaraj, and Gandhi who unselfishingly dedicated their complete lives for the human cause-particularly the downtrodden and untouchables.

We travelled all over Gandhi’s locations in India did a lot of research on Gandhi and produced the film-(interestingly Anupamkher plays a pivotal role in the film.)

 The film is ready to release throughout the world in Hindi

We are planning to release the film on October 2nd on the 150th Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.

We lack funds for the theatrical release and publicity costs. We need about fifty lakh in the rough estimation. We are planning to get crowd funding and financial help.

We want everybody including the youngsters in the world to know about Gandhi. Youngsters are wasting time and money indulging in pop culture and pure entertainment. They only enjoy modern life and its facilities only because of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and people like Mahatma Gandhi . They should know about these people and reflect a bit and follow in their footsteps for peace in the world.

The contemporary world is full of rape, abduction, murders, religion  hatedness.

So we want Mr. Gandhi back in the present world.

So, dear sponsors, individuals, clubs, Gandhians, philanthropists please cooperate and help this project to take forward to this generation and please generously fund this project.

We will be gratefully acknowledge your company names, individual names and your logos-on our  main film and DVD and internet. Even we will arrange special Donor Pass , screening at your clubs and premises if required. We are independent film makers, with non-profit ideology. Spread news on twitters, face book, and WhatsApps and please support us wholeheartedly.

You can send money to  the fallowing office address,  to the Bank or drafts or Cheques.

Vande Mataram

Dear Gandhi Lovers, film lovers, artistes, philanthropists,

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