About us 

Ramana communications is a film production organization making movies on patriotic themes. Its Tamil movie ‘KAMARAJ’, about the life history of the great freedom fighter and Gandhian, Sri K.  Kamaraj, met with enthusiastic support from the public  and won ‘Special Film of the Year Award’ from the Government of Tamilnadu. 


J. MOHAN | Uttam Singh | Bharath Acharya
Co-Producers: • R. Ravi | Dr. Kumar Ganesan | Dr. Kamaraja

Theme of the movie

Gandhi comes back to the world  and deal with many burning issues in the country in his own Sathyagraha style and  once again proves that the  issues could be amicably resolved through  non-violent means.  Sequences in the story have been picturised in a style that will be quite appealing and acceptable to the present generation.

You too can be a distributor

  • You can identify a theater in your city for a group of people for the preview.
  • You can organize the film show.  We will supply the digital content of the film to your theater.
  • You can participate as a Sponsor/ Donor in taking the moview to the global audience.
  • Sponsors will be duly acknowledged in the film, press advertisements, posters and social networks.
  • Sponsors/supporters will be awarded with a souvenir pack containing a Gandhi Album, a Gandhi calendar and a min-Charkha.

Be a Distributor 

Special previews

Worldwide paid preview shows will be conducted on October 2, 2018 in all major cities of the world fallowed by its general theatrical release on 5th Oct.